“Welcome to the Korea Fiscal Information Service,
This is Park Yong-joo, the president of KFIS.”

The Korea Fiscal Information Service is a public institution that supports overall financial affairs such as budget formulation, execution, settlement, state-owned property management and government subsidy management through dBrain⁺(Financial management information system) and e-Naradoum(Integrated government subsidies management system).

dBrain⁺ is an integrated financial management information system that computerizes the overall financial affairs, and annually KRW 1,595 trillion of national treasury receipts and KRW 3,278 trillion of funds transfer are made on this platform.

In addition, e-Naradoum supports the efficient use of the subsidy budget for those who absolutely need it by managing budget formulation, issuance, execution and settlement of government subsidies worth more than KRW 102.3 trillion per year.

The Korea Fiscal Information Service will strengthen the safety, expertise, and security of the national financial system, and proactively support the fiscal policy making and public finance management by generating fiscal statistics through of dBrain⁺ and e-Naradoum.

Your consistent trust and encouragement have been the nourishment for our growth, which leads the digital public finance through continuous innovation.

Thank you.

Park Yong-joo President of KFIS Yong-Joo Park