Fiscal Analysis

We perform analysis tasks to support policy making by fiscal authorities,
and publish statistical books and public commentaries.

Main Functions of the Fiscal Analysis

- We perform analysis tasks to support policy development related to public finance.
- We publish statistical books to provide timely information to fiscal authorities.
- We publish monthly 「Fiscal Information Bulletin」 and commentaries so that the public and researchers can easily understand and utilize fiscal information.


01 Customized support for fiscal policymaking
- Providing analysis reports using information accumulated in the financial management information system such as dBrain+, e-Naradoum
- Providing issue reports analyzing major fiscal issues
- Providing in-depth support from fiscal authorities to support efficient fiscal management
02 Producing and managing fiscal information
- Producing and managing key statistics across the field of public finance
- Providing schematized fiscal processes systematically
- Providing main statistics along with the budget processes and fiscal issues as infographics
03 Providing consumer-oriented fiscal data
- Publishing monthly 「Fiscal Information Bulletin」 the only fiscal magazine in Korea
- Producing commentaries for each fiscal issue tailored for easy understanding by the public
- Promoting the use of fiscal data by disclosing government finance statistics through the website(
- Support for effective financial management through fiscal analysis
- Sustainable fiscal management through effective expenditure frame work

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