Supervisory Agency: Ministry of Economy and Finance

Purpose : Article 1 of the Fiscal Information Service Act

Contribute to the enhancement of public finance by supporting the stable operation and management of the digital budget accounting system and by developing fiscal policy. Contribute to the fiscal information management of the international society by strengthening the international cooperation in fiscal information management including exporting the digital budget accounting system.

Main Functions

1. Operation and Management of dBrain⁺ (Disital budget accounting system)

2. Operation and Management of e-Naradoum (Integrated government subsidies management system)

3. Production of fiscal statistics and research activities

4. International cooperation in the field of financial informatization, such as exporting financial management informatization system

5. Security control of financial planning information and communication networks

Other business commissioned by the central, local government, and other public agency

* The name of institution was changed from Korea Public Finance Information Service(KPFIS) to Korea Fiscal Information Service(KFIS) as of March 2022.