dBrain⁺ International Cooperation

We would like to share our experiences on fiscal reform and FMIS (Financial Management Information System) construction and operation with international society.


(Korea Fiscal Information Service Law Article 5 (Business))

4. International cooperation of FMIS informatization such as exporting digital budget accounting system (Korea FMIS).

- Secure foundation of global cooperation by publicizing dBrain+ system and signing mutual agreement(s) with international institutions
- Conduct collaborative activities such as exploring new FMIS project opportunities and technical cooperation on FMIS training and workshops
- Collaborate with international financial institutions in exploring new FMIS project opportunities and promote joint co-financing of financial FMIS informatization

Promotion Tasks

Conduct global collaboration on FMIS informatization with international financial institutions (World Bank, IDB, ADB, etc.)
- Build partnerships with international financial institutions and their member countries through mutual agreements on FMIS informatization
- Collaborate with international financial institution to host global financial conferences and exchange of information on FMIS Informatizaton
- Collaborate with international financial institutions in exploring new FMIS project opportunities and to promote joint co-financing of financial FMIS informatization
Share our experiences on the improvement of fiscal system and FMIS informatization with international society
- Share our experiences on reform efforts of national fiscal system and fiscal institution design and work processes informatization
- Share our experiences on implementing and operating digital budget and accounting system
- Conduct capacity building program of fiscal reform and FMIS informatization to public officials
To export Financial Management Information System

Fiscal institution and work
process reform

Technical cooperation(or consulting) on business strategic planning and business process reengineering

Knowledge Sharing Program(KSP) What is KSP Project?
  • Knowledge-based development cooperation project, which provides customized policy
    suggestions to partner countries based on Korea's economic development experience and
    knowledge under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.
Cooperation area of KSP Project
  • Policy Consultation, Capacity Building Workshop, Dispatch of experts
  • Submission of Project Proposal to the Embassy of ROK →Review & Conduct Feasibility Study
    →Project Selection →Program Launch
Examples of KSP Project related with dBrain
  • Foundation of an IntergratedFinancial Management Information System in Hungary(’20)
  • Policy Consultation on Public Finance Management System for the Philippines(’20)

FMIS Informatization strategy

Technical cooperation(or consulting) on FMIS information strategy planning

KFIS’ Consulting What is KFIS’ Consulting?
  • Providing consulting on the establishment and modernization of financial information systems based on requests from demand countries.
Consulting Area
  • Feasibility Study (FS), Master Plan (MP), InformatizationStrategy Plan (ISP), dispatch of experts, etc.
Consulting Procedure
  • Request for consulting in demand country (receipt of official documents) → Identify requirements and select countries → Conduct consulting
Consulting Selection Criteria
  • Comprehensively consider the willingness of the demand country to implement projects, the level of e-government, the possibility of spreading to other regions/countries through the establishment of best practices and the possibility of discovering follow-up projects

FMIS implementation

(Build)FMIS implementation support

FMIS operation and maintenance

(Operation)FMIS operation and maintenance support

Promotional Objectives

- Make contributions on international cooperation by collaborating with international financial institutions
- Make contributions to global society in the field of FMIS informatization by sharing our experiences and exporting Financial Management Information System

Case Study(Indonesian MOF)

Project Name
- Feasibility Study of Next-Generation Financial Management Information System for Indonesia
Project Period
- June 17th, 2021 ~ November 30th, 2021
Project Scope
- Implementation planning for next-generation Financial Management Information System for Indonesia government
- Reporting and training, which could take important role for change management
- Assistant activities to carry out implementation project of next-generation Financial Management Information System for Indonesia government