Expected Effects

Expected Effect

[The synergy effect of cyber security enhancement]

We will closely cooperate with the national cyber security center and affiliated organizations in order to establish a collaborative response system, installing a 3-step national cyber security system.
- We will maximize the efficiency of cyber security system by introducing a duplicated security system in a step-by-step manner.
- We will benefit by sharing the experts and cyber security system with member institutions.
- We will prevent cyber security damage by sharing the hacking information in a rapid manner.
- We will emphasize building on preventive system actively instead of responding to after incidents.

Operating Goals

[Early settlement of the pan-national cyber-threats mitigation system]

We will recognize that the cyber-attack is a major element threatening the national economy. Based on the idea, we will strengthen the security while spreading the beauty of the security culture.
- As the economy and finance sector is the major element for the life of the people, we will become a model of cyber security center.
- We will improve an awareness of the cyber security for all employees, and will introduce new wave of cyber security culture which focuses on the daily practice of the cyber security.
- We will improve the expertise of the cyber security staffs (who are key elements in the cyber security system), and lead them to possess the top-class cyber security capability.
- In order to strengthen the cyber security practically, the operation regulation and the process of the cyber security center will be prepared by securing the relevant budget and staff.