Introduction of Cyber Security Center

Leader of Cyber Security We will take responsibility for cyber security.

Cyber Security Center Background

Demands on organized cyber-threats mitigation system at the national level is essential
The system covers from entire processes (from planning to execution) of all government-funded programs on a real-time basis.
- With the computerizing work environment, accidents on information security on website (such as web forgery, internal data leakage and so on) against the government or public organizations has been significantly increasing.
- In local organization with only limited information security system, there is limitations to counteract the attack with the cutting edge knowledge and intelligence.
- Due to insufficiency of exclusive security team or experts in local organization, it is NOT possible to prevent, detect, analyze, and respond cyber-threats on 24 hours/7 days 365 days in a year

Legal Basis of Cyber Security Center

The government passed a legislation that required to establish a Cyber Security Center, and assign exclusive agents in each department of the government and in public organizations
They are established in accordance with Clause 10 - 2 of “Nation Cyber Security Management Regulation” which is legislated to protect the national information communication network against the cyber-attacks.
- In order to counteract cyber-threats at the national level, it has been progressing according to 3 steps of cyber security work delivery system.
In order to counteract cyber-threats at the national level, it has been progressing according to 3 steps of cyber security work delivery system. image - See bottom description
  • Step1

    Institutional Self-Security Control Center

  • Step2

    Sector Cyber Security Center

  • Step3

    National Cyber Security Center

Article 10, Section 2

(The Installation and Operation of the Cyber Security Center) ① Each chief of the central administrative departments, the local government departments and the public organizations shall install and operate an organization (call this “Cyber Security Center” below) which is able to instantly take action with detected and analyzed cyber-attack information.

Mission of Cyber Security Center

Comprehensive Security Services
As a cyber-security control tower of the economy and finance sector, we will improve each security level of local organizations through the 24-hour monitoring system with detection, analysis and response. We will make a collaborative cyber-threats mitigation system as well.
- We will improve the security level of entire organization and capability of the security managers.
- We will support all organizations in establishing cyber information security system and upgrading security management process, tailoring to the needs of member institutions.
- We will not only support affiliated organizations for security incidents response but also cooperate in disaster recovery and prevention training activities.
- We will offer the recent security information in cooperation with related external organizations.