Expected Effect

[National budget becomes more organized and transparent.]

It is easy to comprehend the exact status of the public sector’s financial affairs.
- Examine closely how the government appropriates the budget with a long-term view of business, how much has been used to the present, and how much budget was saved or wasted.
It removes the spending factors associated with fiscal.
- Weigh whether the existing business was conducted properly or not when preparing necessary budget.
- Manage the information on all financial activities of the country accurately.
- Provide information that people need to know or wish to know transparently.
It supports rational decisions related to financial policy.
- Provide simulation data on various economic conditions such as how much the economy will develop in accordance with income and expenses of the country.
- Risk management information on national fiscal is available through the risk index, such as whether the country has heavy debt and whether the interest burden of the people is increasing.
It provides the foundation for the new financial system.
- Provide advanced information technology infrastructure for successful implementation of the innovative financial system, such as national fiscal management planning, top-down budgeting, performance management, program budgeting, double-entry bookkeepingㆍaccrual-based accounting.

[Satisfaction with financial affairs grows.]

Monitor the progress and performance of the main national business through information provided by the integrated financial information system and apply to policy.

For People

More opportunity for observation and participation of the public in fiscal due to transparent and easily understood financial affairs information, such as budget scale, enforcement result, and performance evaluation. National tax can be conserved since business performance will improve and spending will drop.

For National Assembly

Convenient review of budget and settlement since budget and settlement are executed focusing on the program which is a policy and performance management unit. Simple analysis of conducting division, conducting business, and budget and performance by each government’s policy activities.

For Each Department

Efficient and convenient conduction of national fiscal management planning, budget compilation, fiscal enforcement, and settlement. Higher responsibility of each department’s manager and business performance by business progress management due to business life cycle management.

For Financial Authority

Reasonable compilation of the budget based on preliminary feasibility information. Enforcement of performance information of the business. Improve evaluation·analysis·forecast ability of financial affairs and manage financial risk more systematically.