Operation Status

Task Process Scale of dBrain

Daily Average Work Processing Load (based on '15.12)
Daily Average Work Processing Load (based on '15.12) image

Daily Average

About 15,500 People

470,000 cases
Electronic Fund Transfer Status (based on '15.12)
Electronic Fund Transfer Status (based on '15.12)-736, 865, 928, 1159, 1441, 1417, 1383, 1546, 1775 [unit:trillion won]

Daily Average

7.1 Trillion Won
Connected Institute (based on '15.12)
Connected Institute (based on '15.12) image

Bank of Korea, Ministry of National Defense,

National Tax Service

45 Institutes Connected with 65 Systems
User Status (based on '15.12)
User Status (based on '15.12) image

54 Central Departments

470,000 cases

Valid User

(Some Local Governments and Public Institutes)

Education Status (based on '15.12)
Education Status (based on '15.12) - 21000, 17000, 13000, 11000, 11000, 12126, 9523, 8984, 7994 [unit : one person]

Education Institute Commissioned Training Online

Education Execute Regularly

Overseas Promotion (based on '15.12)
Overseas Promotion (based on '15.12) image

Education Institute Commissioned Training Online

Education Execute Regularly

Provides information from year, month and Activity Area
year month Activity Area
2015 December PEMNA
November Mongolia
October IDB-KIPF
August, September ADB
June Russia
April Turkey
March colombia, PEMPAL
January Peru, Costa Rica, Kyrgyz
2014 October Honduras
August Russia
June Bangladesh, Madagascar
May East Africa
April Saudi Arabia
February Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Philippines, Indonesia
2013 December Cambodia, Congo
November Malaysia, East Africa
October Vietnam, Uzbekistan, IDB, World Bank, Pakistan
September Bangladesh
August KSP business delegation, Vietnam
July IDB
June UN, Iraq
May Russia, Belarus, Brunei, Thailand
2012 December World Bank
November Seychelles, Malaysia
October Panama
July Signed MOU with Ecuador
April Turkey
March Russia
February Asian Development Bank
2011 December Bolivia
October USA
September Kazakhstan, Ecuador
2010 November Costa Rica
October Philippines
August Indonesia
2009 December Tax Commissioner, Four African Countries, South Africa and Eight Southeast African Countries
November 29 countries of the KAIST ITTP process
October Palestine, Indonesia
September 10 countries in Tunisia and northwest Africa (09.09)
May Uzbekistan, Tunisia
April 13 Latin American Countries
2008 December Philippines
October Bangladesh, Cambodia, South America