Financial Information Analysis Division

We will produce solid financial statistics
through financial information analysis.

Main Functions of the Financial Information Analysis Division

Financial Policy Statistics
Develop the financial statistics, produce financial statistical analysis, and disclose these information to the public
Financial Operations Management
Support for sustainable financial policy operation
Main Functions of the Financial Information Research Division


A financial research institute that supports fiscal soundness and sustainability


Support for financial management through integrated financial management and transparent disclosure of information


Integrated ·systematic financial ·policy statistical analysis, Support for sustainable financial operation ·management

Main function

  • Development of financial statistical analysis technique
  • Financial statistical analysis and disclosure of financial information
  • Evaluation of various financial projects
  • Study of overall fiscal policy

Promotion Tasks

Integrated and systematic finance and financial policy statistical analysis
- Development of statistical analysis technique using financial information
- Policy statistics regarding dBrain financial statistics and government programs
- Financial disclosure for public understanding and communication
Support for sustainable fiscal operation and policy
- Support for improvements in the fiscal productivity and performance-oriented financial operation through government program evaluation
- Study on the overall fiscal policy

Expected Effects

- Support for effective financial management including diagnosis of financial condition analysis using financial information
- System improvements including expenditure efficiency for sustainable financial management