Operation of Integrated Government Subsidies Management System


Need to prevent tax waste through elimination of duplicated and fraudulent receipt of government subsidies
- The growth rate of the subsidy budget is 6.7% per annum, which is increased more steeply than the total expenditure growth rate (4.4%).
- The amount of fraudulent receipt recently caught is steadily increasing.
Decided as a part of the government subsidies reform at the National Fiscal Strategy Meeting('15.5).

Core Goals

Provides information from Integrated Government Subsidies Program Management System
Prevent duplicated and fraudulent supply of government subsidies Through the integrated management of subsidy information, we verify similar or duplicate business, qualification of receipt and expenditure evidence. Also we monitor fraudulent signs to prevent fraudulent subsidies.
Improve Work efficiency We enhance work efficiency through real-time payment management based on electronic evidence, standardization of business, and online settlement.
Services to enhance national convenience We provide beneficial supplementary business information inquiry(customized service for the public) and improve transparency of subsidy operation and performance disclosure service.


Manage business application, enforcement, settlement, etc. through integrated Government Subsidy Management System
Integrated, standardized, and electronicized the whole process of government subsidies business
Qualification verification, duplicate receipt verification and monitoring of fraudulent signs
Comparing and monitoring subsidy business information by life-cycle, targets, regions, and topics

Expected Effects

Prevention of duplicated and fraudulent supply of government subsidies
More than two-thirds of fraud cases are automatically blocked through the system
Increase work efficiency of government subsidy program
Real-time monitoring of subsidy payment status
Reduce the burden of work by computerizing and automating various kinds of manual work such as computer work
Increase Public Satisfaction and trust
Increase fairness of subsidy programs through transparent and open information
Enhance the convenience of subsidy use with the operation of One-Stop service center

Government Subsidies Integrated Management System

  • Central Finance
  • Local Finance
  • Educational Finance
  • Qualifications verification institutions such as the Supreme Court and the National Tax Service
  • Public institutions
  • Local public corporation
  • Civilian
  • Finance of Social Welfare
  • Ensure subsidy transparency
  • Efficient management of supplementary businesses
  • Block sources of fraud